A small GBStudio game for gameboy color.
Arrow keys - Walk
Z - Attack / Choose/ Interact
ENTER - Enter
(For some reason when you go to the "HINTS" section, you have to reload the game)

This is a demo, however I don't plan on finishing it. The game has some bugs that are not solvable because the limits of the engine. This was supposed to stay simple at first, but while doing it, I kept having more ideas, and then suddently lost the "hype". It is literally my first game ever, so pls don't be too harsh w me :) 
If something happened to you, and you can't play the game, pls refresh the page.
-Song by Rulz from the gbstudio sample projects
-Shoutout to Rulz again for staying 2h helping me w the coding.


roguelike.gbsproj.bak 8 MB


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Really interesting graphic style. Love the 1bit BW. The homescreen and the stripy graphics to add energy to the still images is really cool. The gameplay seems a bit random but I enjoyed it.


Thanks for the feedback :) And yeah for now the only thing I can do decently is the art style, 1bit is my thing. Started knowing nothing on how to program, so I've improved a lot. Couldn't finish most of my projects, so even though this game is far from great, at least it gave me strengh to do things that I couldn't before. U were the first to follow me here and give me an actual analysis from what u think, so I can't thank you enough, so happy yooo